Summary of Dance-Party-Time-Slot

The talented developers of Pragmatic Play have delivered yet another neon adventure. By reusing elements from an existing slot named Extra Juicy, they were able to quickly develop Dance Party. This time around, the fruit has been removed and it has been given a disco makeover. However, the feature in question hasn’t just gotten a new coat of paint; it’s also been fine-tuned to make it more enticing. Pragmatic’s games, including Dance Party, are known for their ambitious goals. However, thanks to the design of its elements, success with Dance Party may be achievable. Well, let’s check out how that works.

Inquiry, if I may. Have you ever been promised the party of the decade, then rocked there in your best threads to find four people loitering about a place that is more Klute Bar than Berghain Panorama with a ‘DJ’ that turns out to be an iPod on shuffle? Similar ideas can be found in Dance Party. Maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but it’s not the best neon-themed slot machine. The necessary electronic dance music that sounds hastily produced in a digital audio workstation is also absent. The sensory input you get from Dance Party is adequate, so don’t worry about how it appears.

The user interface is standard Pragmatic Play, thus betting involves setting a bet level from 1 to 10 and a coin value from 0.01 to 0.50, for a total range of 20 pence per spin to $100. Although the possible payout is quite high, the game’s other features and layout (5 reels, 3 rows) are more realistic. With 243 win ways in play, a winning combination is made when at least three identical symbols appear on adjacent reels in any row. The J-A royals, together with the premium BARs, double BARs, Triple 7s, and DJs, are presented in a neon style reminiscent of fluorescent streetlights. The DJ is the one to go for, as it pays out 7.5 times the wager for a full house. The game’s logo acts as a wild, increasing players’ chances of winning when it appears on reels 2, 3, 4, and 5.

Pragmatic’s infamous lightning bolt volatility meter hums away at the bottom of the home screen. As has become the norm, Pragmatic has given another high-volatility ride a perfect score (5/5). This can lead to larger wins, ideally during the feature when the multiplier is active, but also to a greater number of dead or low return spins. Dance Party’s RTP of 96.50% is like a hip friend you can take anyplace, although it may be lower at certain online casinos.

Slot Machine Dance Party – Specifics

Everyone seems to be talking about the potential for a 30x multiplier during the free spins bonus, but how can we trigger it? The diamond scatter symbol is the special guest of honor. It can show up anywhere on the reels, and when 5 of them appear, the Progressive Multiplier Free Spins Bonus Game begins. Each spin in the bonus game, win or lose, can boost the multiplier by up to 30x.

The bonus round is quite similar to Extra Juicy’s, with one major difference being that instead of starting with a multiplier of x1 and increasing it by +1 with each spin, the multiplier in this bonus game begins at x2 or x3 with 6 or 7 scatters. Even while x30 is still the cap, it’s much easier to reach with all these scatters at your disposal.

The functionality can be enhanced further. There is a maximum of 60 free games that may be won by landing 5 scatters during the bonus round. Finally, if the round’s total wins are less than 10 times the stake, the game will automatically increase the payout to 10 times the stake.

Even if Pragmatic took the progressive multiplier directly from Extra Juicy, they made it much better. Not because of the lack of cherries, though it certainly doesn’t help. The number of free spins you receive when they are activated is higher, and the multiplier can be increased by a factor of 2 or 3 to reach its maximum value much more quickly.

Along with this new feature, the game’s potential has grown exponentially. The 36,450 times the stake listed on the homepage will raise eyebrows, but is it reasonable? Not for the first time, Pragmatic has promised unattainable colossal potential. Although only time will tell, a mathematical analysis of Dance Party suggests that these kinds of numbers are feasible. Technically, it should be valid since the 30x multiplier allows plenty of room to make up the difference with high value symbols.

When the free spins feature is retriggered for the first time, it’s a pleasant feeling knowing that the 30x multiplier is almost guaranteed. The 30x multiplier does not ensure a win, but it is exciting to watch the multiplier rise in tandem with the stakes and move closer with each spin. However, you shouldn’t expect to win frequently even in the bonus round. The algorithm undoubtedly considers the larger-than-usual multiplier when striking a fair balance between the multiplier and the player’s return.

Everything else about the game seems unfinished. Pragmatic Play has done the neon thing, but it could have gone much further if it wanted to. To truly feel like you’ve entered a different universe, you probably shouldn’t play Dance Party. The executive’s likely assumption was that the great potential and rising multiplier would be sufficient to bring in customers. They will, after all, be entitled to their part of the spoils.

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